English Summary

Leontine van Hooft is a corporate anthropologist, including entrepreneur, inspirational speaker and author of prize winning The Power of African Thinking. Her trainings / lectures on Ubuntu Management in which the African Ubuntu philosophy – I exist because of We – is central, have already helped 250+ entrepreneurs in… Leontine gives lectures and masterclasses about Ubuntu Management and her expertise. 

With her award-winning management books and training / reading she communicates the Ubuntu philosophy towards businesses.
In addition to adults, the time is ripe to introduce children to this philosophy through its artistic children’s book collection The Chronicles of Ubuntopia.

In the spring of 2020 the second part will be published, called Balla and The Secret of the Source.

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Leontine van Hooft is an inspiring entrepreneur and experienced businesswoman with regard to the African continent. She is also the founder of GreenDreamCompany. This company focuses on tourism area development in emerging African countries. They do this with a sustainable vision of people, planet, profit, passion and pleasure.