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Every business needs inspiring leaders Leontine van Hooft over verbindend leiderschap en Ubuntu
Doing business is not only about having courage,  taking risks and making money. Being successful is also very important, both for the company and for you as a person.
Being successful in business nowadays is about realising a dream or passion, which takes courage and guts.
Such people want to make an impact!
They want to be  authentic human beings, taking responsibility in a complex area, powerful but vunerable at the same time, pushing the limits even further.
Doing business is also about leaving your comfort zone and setting your own goals; seeing it as an open-minded journey, learning with and from others.

Interview BEN TV with Leontine about her book: “The Power of African Thinking”

Lectures, Events, etc.
Leontine is happy to come and share her expertise;
“Connecting leadership”, “Ubuntu as management philosophy” or “Doing business with courage!” Please contact GreenDreamCompany (e-mail) for an appointment

About Leontine van Hooft
With a background in corporate anthropology and intercultural management, Leontine van Hooft is an inspiring entrepreneur and experienced business woman with regard to the African continent. She is also the founder of GreenDreamCompany B.V. This company focuses on tourism area development in emerging African countries. It works with a sustainable vision of people, planet, profit, passion and pleasure.

Leontine is a member of the board of directors from NABC, the Netherlands African Business Council and member of UVON, a business women’s federation.
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